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  • The end of the House of Tudor

    On 24 March 1603 Queen Elizabeth I breathed her last and – left with no legitimate heir – the House of...

    Blog PostsLaura McCallen25th January 2017
  • Monarchy Rules: A Look at Henry VIII

    Arguably the most powerful and controversial ruler in British history, King Henry VIII’s 38-year reign was a turning point that shaped...

    OtherAhmed Bayram2nd August 2016
  • Mary Boleyn: Royal Mistress

    Mary Boleyn was born c. 1499/1500 at Blickling hall, Norfolk, and died on July 19, 1543. She was the daughter of...

    HistoryMegan Milton19th July 2016
  • Flowers on 19th May for Anne Boleyn

    On 19 May 1536, Queen Anne Boleyn was executed at the Tower of London. Execution within the Tower walls was something...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Jane Timms19th May 2016
  • Henry VIII-centered drama “Wolf Hall” leads Bafta nominations

    Wolf Hall, the historical drama based on Thomas Cromwell’s rise in King Henry VIII’s court, leads the Bafta nominations with a...

    HistoryMoniek Bloks30th March 2016
  • The Ghosts of Windsor Castle

    Hauntings and more from the oldest occupied castle in the world

    Palaces & BuildingsGuest Posts31st October 2015
  • The Screaming Lady of the Haunted Gallery: Catherine Howard

    Catherine Howard was born around 1520 as the daughter of Lord Edmund Howard and Joyce Culpeper, and through her father’s side...

    HistoryMoniek Bloks28th October 2015
  • Monarchy Rules: A look at King Henry VIII

    One of Britain’s most colourful King’s and is easily most well known- but not for his heart-warming personality. Henry VIII most...

    Blog PostsJamie Samhan27th October 2015
  • Monarchy Monday: The Wives of King Henry VIII

    Today you may not have to worry about the hazards of being married to a King, but it wasn’t always that...

    HistoryJamie Samhan17th August 2015
  • The Execution of a Queen

    Anne Boleyn is probably best remembered as the most controversial Queen in British history, which is perhaps not entirely deserved. Even...

    Blog PostsMoniek Bloks29th May 2015
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