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The Crown writer calls out the monarchy as "deranged"

Peter Morgan, the writer of Netflix’s hit drama The Crown, has called out the “deranged” Royal Family in an interview with the Sunday Times. While speaking to the magazine about the show’s success ahead of the Season 2 release on 8 December, Morgan discusses his creative process including that of viewing the monarchy as a”completely insane system.” “If…
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The Crown, Volume I: Book Review

If you have ever watched an episode of the hit Netflix series The Crown and wondered “Did that actually happen?” then look no further: notable royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey has written an official companion to the series. The Crown, Volume I: Elizabeth II…
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Royal Family is “very nervous” for Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

According to Peter Morgan, the writer of Netflix’s opulent new series The Crown, the Royal Family are both “very, very nervous and very, very excited” about the show, which will tell the story of a young Queen Elizabeth. “The royals are aware of the show,” he said. “There is a sense that they are both very, very nervous and very, very excited. I think they…
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