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Queen Elizabeth's Wikipedia page was the third most visited entry in 2017

The Queen has beaten out the likes of Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and TV series such a Game of Thrones to become the third most visited Wikipedia page in 2017. Her Wikipedia entry had 19.2 million views, coming behind Donald trump with 29.6 million and a list of Deaths in 2017 which had 37.3 million views. A Wikipedia editor said The Queen’s ranking struck him most. He said that the ranking was…
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Fact v. Fiction in The Crown's second season

The Crown returned for a second season on Netflix earlier last month, and dramatised The Queen’s reign from 1955 to roughly 1964, shortly after the birth of Prince Edward. Today we’re going to separate the fact from fiction in The Crown’s second season. Please do not…
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Was The Queen jealous of Jackie Kennedy?

Netflix’s hit drama, The Crown, is pushing the limits this season when it suggests The Queen was jealous of Jackie Kennedy. The show has previously said that the storyline, while they follow history, does take creative liberties. According to The Telegraph, one episode in the soon to be released second season shows the Duke of Edinburgh very taken with Jackie Kennedy while she visits…
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The Crown, Volume I: Book Review

If you have ever watched an episode of the hit Netflix series The Crown and wondered “Did that actually happen?” then look no further: notable royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey has written an official companion to the series. The Crown, Volume I: Elizabeth II…
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Princess Eugenie shares her thoughts on Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

Princess Eugenie of York is the first member of the royal family to publicly reveal that she has seen episodes The Crown, Netflix’s immensely popular dramatization of the early years of Her Majesty The Queen’s reign. In an exclusive interview with the UK’s Hello magazine, Eugenie said: “I did watch a couple of episodes of The Crown” which centres on the reign and marriage of the…
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Prince Philip was upset about giving up his navy career for Queen Elizabeth II claims new programme, ‘The Crown’

New drama series The Crown is set to reveal the Duke of Edinburgh’s frustrations about being made to give up his Royal Navy career following The Queen’s accession to the throne in 1953. The £100 million drama (believed to be the most expensive television series yet produced for Netflix) illuminates the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and will explore for the first time on screen the…
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