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Diana’s best style moments from 1984

John MacIntyre from Paisley Scotland (CC BY 2.0) via Wikimedia Commons

Since Diana, Princess of Wales has arrived on Netflix’s The Crown, we’re looking at some of her best style moments from 1980s. Today, let’s look at some of her best looks from 1984.

During a royal visit to Oslo in February 1984, Diana wore a stunning red dress with lace floral cutouts along the neckline designed by Jan Van Velden.

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In a shocking departure of her style up until then, Diana wore a tuxedo designed by Margaret Howell to a Genesis rock concert at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on 29 February.

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On 16 September, Diana left St. Mary’s Hospital following the birth of her second son, Prince Harry. Her vivacious red coat dress hinted at striped sleeves underneath and was complemented by a red bow at the neckline.  

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On 8 November, Diana visited Barnados sporting a chic business-appropriate grey suit dress and a new, longer hairstyle.

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On 6 December, Diana visited a Red Cross centre in Bristol and sported a Red Cross uniform during her visit.

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The new series of The Crown streams on Netflix from November 15th 2020.

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