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Palace of Russian Tsar to reopen

A Russian imperial residence is to reopen following extensive rehabilitation. This is the Alexander Palace in St Petersburg which over the past three years has been renovated for more than £24 million (or 31 million US dollars or 2 billion Russian rubles). The palace was the last home of Tsar Nicholas II before he was executed along with his family. It was from the Alexander Palace that the Tsar…
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King Harald met Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov

King Harald of Norway met Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, this Friday in the northern Norwegian city of Kirkenes. The meeting took place only a few days after Russia claimed that Norway is gearing up for a conflict with Russia and relations between the two…

Poetry and the Tsarina?

Included amongst the works read as a young woman by Princess Alix of Hesse, later Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna (1872-1918), were – according to letters that she wrote to her eldest sister, Victoria, Princess Louis of Battenberg – Guizot’s Reformation de la…

A Brief History of Frogmore Cottage

With the announcement that Frogmore Cottage will become the residence of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Windsor, it is perhaps interesting to briefly review Frogmore Cottage’s history. Contrary to popular imagination, it is not the first time that the building has served as a residence for royalty. ‘Bark writes that you offer me a Cottage at Windsor. Words fail me to express all I feel…
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The Duke of Cambridge will not attend the World Cup

Both the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry will not be attending the World Cup, which is due to be held in Russia. The news comes from a royal source and means that this will be the first time in decades that no senior member of the Royal Family will have attended in person to support England. One of the Princes had been there to support England in the last three tournaments held in Brazil, South…
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The Queen

Russian media spread news of Queen death rumours

Over the Christmas holidays, fake news stories broke of Queen Elizabeth dying after suffering from a ‘heavy cold’. Screenshots of the alleged report on show the headline ‘Death of Queen Elizabeth II’. Further shots show a statement from Her…
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Church to announce results of the examinations of “Yekaterinburg remains” in second quarter of 2017

The Russian Orthodox Church has announced that the results of the DNA-examinations of the “Yekaterinburg remains”, or better said the remains of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and their children, will be announced in the second quarter of 2017. “Very intensive work is going on. The genetic expertise has been held in the best world’s laboratories. Very extensive…
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