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Prince Philip crash: Duke told witnesses "I'm such a fool"

Eyewitness details are emerging following the Duke of Edinburgh’s car crash near the Sandringham Estate on Thursday afternoon, with an onlooker saying Prince Philip could be heard remarking, “I’m such a fool.” Victoria Warne, a retired NHS worker, told The Sun, “The Prince steadied himself for ten minutes after the crash then started worrying about the others” in the crash. There were…
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Prince Philip - is 97 too old to be behind the wheel?

In the hours since news came through that the Duke of Edinburgh has been involved in a car accident, there has been much debate about whether the 97 year old prince should continue to drive on public roads. Police continue to investigate the incident and we don’t know what…

Who signed the register at The Queen's wedding?

It was the beginning of a royal chapter which would make history time and time again. But on November 20th 1947, the ceremony which joined Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip as wife and husband was described by one of the clergy involved as ”in all essentials, exactly the same as it would have been for any cottager who might be married this afternoon”. And just like everyone who said…
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Behind the Scenes with True Royalty: The People's Wedding

Most of us were not around for the wedding of a then Princess Elizabeth to Prince Philip. It was just after the war, the country still recovering from the devastation. The wedding was a turning point for joy and pride back to not only the Royal Family but more importantly…
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What will happen if Prince Philip outlives The Queen?

With Prince Philip a young 97 year old, it is hard to imagine a world without him. Even harder to believe what is what it would be like if his younger wife, Her Majesty The Queen, coming in at 92 years old was to die before him. However, anything is possible, so what would happen if Prince Philip became the first husband to outlive his Queen. Both George of Denmark, who became Duke of Cumberland…
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Royal Wedding Rewind: Tiara trouble for The Queen

A royal wedding just wouldn’t be a royal wedding without a tiara or three. But when the then Princess Elizabeth married the Duke of Edinburgh on November 20th 1947, she almost missed out on wearing the diadem on which she’d set her heart. For just before the bride was set to leave for Westminster Abbey, her tiara snapped in two. The diamond disaster happened as the future Queen was…
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