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Focus on the 'forgotten' royals: The Duke of Gloucester visits Morocco

He regularly clocks up several hundred engagements a year but the Duke of Gloucester remains one of the more low key members of the Royal Family. His recent visit to Morocco is a case in point. The duke spent several days in the north African country, carrying out a series of cultural and community based visits. And while it may not have grabbed the headlines, it’s an important part of the…
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International royals

Spanish media report divorce of the King of Morocco and Princess Lalla Salma

KingMohammed VI of Morocco and his wife of 16 years, Princess Lalla Salma, are divorcing, according to Spanish media. It is possible that the divorce is already final. The news comes on the dayon which the couple would’ve celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary. There has been no official confirmation from the Department of Communication of the Royal Court. The King and…
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