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King of Morocco congratulates Macron for winning French election

His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco has congratulated 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron for winning the French election.

Newly elected President Emmanuel Macron won 66% of the votes in the run-off between him and Marine Le Pen on 7 May. Le Pen only received 34% of the vote.

Macron was the presidential candidate for the En Marche! party. En Marche! is a progressive political party created by Macron himself. Macron had a strong victory over his far-right opponent, Marine Le Pen who ran as a member of the French National Front party.

The royal cabinet issued a communiqué last week about the conversation. King Mohammed VI, while currently in France, phoned the youngest ever leader of the country. His Majesty passed on his congratulations on the election victory to Macron. King Mohammed VI was among one of the first heads of state to congratulate Macron’s election victory.

Both the King and Macron emphasised the positive relationship between Morocco and France, as well as the commitment to grow and build upon the already existing partnership.

The King’s office said his congratulations was “marked by broad support to his vision for the future of France and the well-being of his fellow citizens.”

King Mohammed VI praised the characteristics of the new President who represents “a choice for progress, openness and confidence in the future.”

In April, Macron pledged that Morocco would be one of the first few countries he visited when he won the presidency.

The relationship between France and Morocco is incredibly important with France being Morocco’s leading economic partner.

Earlier this month, King Mohammed VI met with then French President Hollande in the French Presidential Palace Elysée.

The two emphasised their mutual respect for both countries and pledged to renew the partnerships between them concerning security, development, culture and education.

Sunday marked the first day of President Macron’s term.