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Why are Prince Edward’s children not titled as Prince and Princess?

In the UK there are very specific rules regarding who is entitled to be a Prince or Princess. Most of these rules come from Letters Patent issued in 1917 by King George V, in which the King accords the Princely title to all children of the Sovereign, to the Sovereign’s male-line grandchildren and to the eldest living of the Prince of Wales’s eldest son. However, when the Law of Succession…
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A Swedish royal mystery

The date of 7 October 2020 marked one year since the Royal Court of Sweden announced King Carl XVI Gustaf’s decision to remove the style of Royal Highness from five of his grandchildren. This decision affected the children from his two youngest children, Prince Carl…
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Prince Albert II: the landmark dates as he celebrates 15th anniversary of his reign

Prince Albert II of Monaco marks the 15th anniversary of his accession as Sovereign Prince of Monaco this year. Prince Albert, son of Prince Rainier III and American actress Grace Kelly, succeeded his father on 6 April 2005, only five days after he had been called by the Crown Council of Monaco to take over as Regent due to his father’s failing health. This week marks fifteen years since…
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The Gloucesters

Before they were royal: The life of the Duchess of Gloucester

She would go on to live a life of royal duties which led her to be called one of the unsung heroes of the Royal Family, but today we take a look at the life of the Duchess of Gloucester before she married The Queen’s cousin: Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Born Birgitte Eva Henriksen on 20 June 1946 in Odense, Denmark, she is the youngest daughter of Asger Preben Wissing Henriksen, a…
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Who is Queen Sofía of Spain?

The person who we now know as Queen Sofía of Spain was born on 2 November 1938 in Athens, Greece. She was known differently at birth as she was titled Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark, and her parents were the then Prince Paul of Greece and Princess Frederica, a daughter of Ernest August, a claimant to the defunct crown of Hanover. She was christened a few months later at the Royal Palace in…
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