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Focus on the ‘forgotten’ royals: The Duke of Gloucester visits Morocco

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He regularly clocks up several hundred engagements a year but the Duke of Gloucester remains one of the more low key members of the Royal Family. His recent visit to Morocco is a case in point. The duke spent several days in the north African country, carrying out a series of cultural and community based visits. And while it may not have grabbed the headlines, it’s an important part of the royal diary. Here’s a look at the Duke of Gloucester in Morocco.

The duke arrived in Marrakesh on October 6th where he was greeted by the UK Ambassador to Morocco. This royal visit was focused on gaining a better understanding of the history, culture and traditions of Morocco and the diary reflected that.

The first full day of engagements saw the Duke of Gloucester based in Marrakesh where he visited the Water Museum in the Moroccan capital. it spotlights the ways in which this precious resource has been used and managed throughout the country’s history and focuses on the technological developments which are still so vital today.

From there, the duke headed to the Secret Garden in Marrakesh which has been home to important members of Moroccan society for centuries. More recently, it fell into disrepair and has been brought back to life with the creation of new landscapes. It’s also the home of the Eve Branson Foundation which works to preserve and promote the practice of traditional handcrafts in the area. Prince Richard was given a tour of its projects and heard about its projects to create and sustain employment in the Atlas Mountain region.

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The duke’s time in Morocco also saw him visit Dar Si Said, the National Carpet Weaving Museum, where he was shown ancient methods of rug creation. He was also given a demonstration of traditional dying methods.

The Duke of Gloucester, who qualified and worked as an architect before unexpectedly inheriting his title and becoming a full time working royal, also saw ongoing projects to preserve the ancient buildings of Morocco. In a visit to the Collective Granaries at Adghess and Ifri Imadidane he was shown how conservation experts are working towards restoration of these treasured buildings and he met some of the local craftspeople who are involved in the project.

And as this was an official royal visit, the Duke of Gloucester also took part in a number of receptions including an evening focused on social entrepreneurship held in Ksour and a dinner at the Residence of the Wali of Souss-Massa in Agadir.

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