Royal Pictures from History: George VI and War

”There may be dark days ahead…but we can only do the right as we see the right” The words of King George VI, spoken on this day in 1939, still hold a resonance. They were part of his historic broadcast made as Britain went to war with Nazi Germany. His calm and measured speech was beamed around the world by radio. But one image was released of the king preparing to face the…
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British Royals

Letters reveal Edward VIII felt he did not earn his Military Cross

The Imperial War Museum is putting letters from two future kings on display for first time, one of which describes how the future Edward VIII felt he had not earned his military cross. King Edward VIII, then the Prince of Wales was award the gallantry medal in 1916 for his frequent morale-boosting trips to the trenches. The medal is intended for “acts of exemplary gallantry during active…
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