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"Call me Mrs Kent" - the inspiring secret life of the Duchess of Kent

The Duchess of Kent is perhaps one of the least known members of The Royal Family, but despite this, she has consistently remained a firm favourite for royal watchers around the globe. She has been suffering from ill health in recent years meaning her public appearances are becoming more scarce, but her story as a member of The Royal Family is an inspiring one, and for many years, she lived a…
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Prince Charles' and Prince William's help revealed by Lady Sophie Windsor after car accident

Lady Sophie Windsor is opening up about the traumatic car accident she was in last November in an interview with Hello! “I just remember a massive great thwack and then lots of hot blood all over me,” she said. “I recall heat; I had broken my back and ruptured my abdomen so my belly was torn apart and basically in my lap. I could feel my backbones jiggling around and I thought ‘I really…
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Who was in the Royal Box for The Queen's birthday concert?

Thousands of people attended The Queen’s birthday concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday, with millions more tuning in from around the world. But the best seats in the house were reserved for members of one particular family. Here we take a look at who was sat in…
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All of the Royals who live at St James's Palace

Of all the current Royal Palaces, St James’s is the most senior and all foreign ambassadors to this country are still referred to as being appointed to the Court of St James’. This is perhaps ironic, as the palace was constructed in the 1530’s by King Henry VIII, as somewhere to escape from the rigid court life of the Palace of Whitehall. It was built on the site of a leper hospital…
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The entire Royal Family to attend Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey

The entire Royal Family will attend a Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on 12th March to mark Commonwealth Day Her Majesty The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, will be accompanied by the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge…
The Kents

The Royal Family's links to Freemasonry

It is often dubbed as one of the world’s most secret societies – the world of Freemasonry. From covert handshakes to Masonic rituals, mystery surrounds the organisation which has connections to the British Royal Family. Many members of The Royal Family are…
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Who is Princess Michael of Kent?

Today we’ll explore the life of Princess Michael of Kent. She is the wife of Prince Michael and was born Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz in Sudetenland (now in the Czech Republic) on 15 January 1945. Baroness Marie Christine’s parents were Baron Günther Hubertus von Reibnitz and Countess Maria Anna Szapáry von Muraszombath. She had two older half-siblings, Margarita von Reibnitz and…
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