Platinum Jubilee: The Queen's Brooches, New and Old

Symbolism abounds this week during the Platinum Jubilee. The jewellery on display is no exception and no one does messaging through jewels better than the Queen herself. For Trooping the Colour, a ceremony steeping in tradition, Queen Elizabeth led the way by wearing her Brigade of Guards brooch. Worn for every Trooping since 1987, except three, this could be the Queen’s way of telling…
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The stars who will take part in the Platinum Party

Star-studded royalty will show up for the true royal, Queen Elizabeth II, this weekend at her Platinum Jubilee celebrations in London. Musical guests from Diana Ross and Queen to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Alicia Keys will be on hand to perform their hits for the anniversary. Dame Julie Andrews will appear at the Platinum Party at the Palace. Andrews, who has played royalty on screen…
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REVIEW: The Queen - 70 Years of Majestic Style

The Queen: 70 Years of Majestic Style by Bethan Holt covers The Queen’s fashion choices from the time she was a princess to the current day. Her Majesty has worn an estimated 10,000 outfits in her 70 years on the throne and has used fashion to strengthen her reign through diplomacy and helped to promote British fashion for decades. Holt does an excellent job of covering various points of…
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The Queen's Reign in Jewels: The Imperial State Crown

The Imperial State Crown is one of the most symbolic images of the royalty, though it only dates back to 1937. The real history lies in the jewels that adorn it. It was created the Coronation of 1937 but while it was being planned, it was believed it would be placed on the head of Edward VIII. However, he abdicated in December 1936, and instead, his younger brother became George VI and the…
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