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Europe's royals put the spotlight on local tourism

We’re caught in a flux, of sorts, as the world begins to ease out of lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but countries remain cautious about how to proceed so as not to cause another spike in cases. As businesses begin to reopen, one thing seems clear: summer tourism figures will likely fall very short of past years’ numbers. Enter the European royals who are…
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The Tower of London set to reopen to visitors

One of the UK’s most famous royal buildings is getting ready to welcome back visitors after coronavirus pandemic restrictions began to lift. The Tower of London will open its doors again to tourists as summer gets well and truly under way. The Tower opens again on July 10th although there are safety measures in place. Visits cant take place on Wednesday to Sunday between 10am and 6pm but…
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The birthplace of Diana, Princess of Wales

It’s the place where one of the most famous royal stories of the 20th century began. Park House, on the Sandringham Estate, was the birthplace of Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana was born there on July 1st 1961. Her parents, then Viscount and Viscountess Althorp, leased the property which sits near the main royal residence at Sandringham. They were also close to the Royal Family and Diana…
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Denmark's American-born Princess

Several European nations have had members of their royal families with American backgrounds – many of whom have created scandals. In the British Royal Family, King Edward VIII chose to abdicate in 1936 to marry divorcée Wallis Simpson, and in more recent years…

The Diana Award in 2020: An interview with CEO Tessy Ojo

“Harry and I feel that our mother lives on in the countless acts of compassion and bravery that she inspires in others.” – The Duke of Cambridge It’s hard to imagine what the world might be like if Diana, Princess of Wales, was still with us on her 59th birthday today. Although her life was cut short, her legacy lives on through The Diana Award, the organisation created…
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