Jane Shore - from witty mistress of a king to dangerous political conspirator

Elizabeth “Jane” Shore (née Lambert) was one of the many mistresses of King Edward IV of England. Jane would go on to become one of the most intelligent and beautiful women in the realm. Known as the witty mistress of the king, she would come to be known as a dangerous political conspirator against Richard III. Born in London around 1445, Jane was the daughter of a wealthy…
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How Britain partied for the Royal Wedding called a "Fairytale"

On 29 July 1981, 750 million people around the world watched as Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Dubbed the “wedding of the century”, the wedding broke records and set global fashion trends. Forty years on, Royal Central is looking back at how Britain celebrated the royal romance they called a fairytale. At about 10 a.m. on…
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Forty years on: The Wedding Dress of Diana, Princess of Wales

It is perhaps the most famous royal wedding dress of them all. The gown worn by Lady Diana Spencer for her marriage to the Prince of Wales on July 29th 1981 at St Paul’s Cathedral has a special place in royal history. Designed by David and Elizabeth Emanual, it came to symbolise the fairytale wedding that hundreds of millions of people around the world tuned in to watch. The ending was far…
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Who's who in the British line of succession?

The line of succession to the throne of the longest reigning Monarch in British history has seen as few changes in the past months and will undergo at least one more shake up before 2021 is out. The arrival of the Queen’s twelfth great grandchild later this year will see the order move around for the fourth time in less than a year. As she approaches her Platinum Jubilee in 2022…
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