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On This Day in 2011: Prince William married Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey

Friday, 29 April, 2011, about two billion people are said to have watched from around the world as Prince William wed Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London. The Metropolitan Police said that about a million people lined the route of the royal procession on the streets of London while another half a million people gathered in front of Buckingham Palace to watch the bride and groom…
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Royal History Mystery: What happened to Amy Robsart?

Today we’re looking at a royal history mystery involving a noblewoman of the Elizabethan age. What happened to Amy Robsart? Amy Robsart was born in Norfolk on 7 June 1532, the only child of Sir John Robsart and his wife Elizabeth Scott. Raised in a prominent Protestant household, Amy received a fine education and was married three days before her 18th birthday to Robert Dudley, a younger son…
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The Queen Mother described Wallis Simpson as ‘a naughty lady’

The Queen Mother’s determination to keep her distance from Wallis Simpson is well known, with Her Majesty once writing a letter describing the American socialite as a ‘’naughty lady’. The description of Wallis came in a letter penned by Elizabeth to her own mother-in-law, Queen Mary. In it she writes ‘’relations are already a little difficult when naughty ladies are brought…
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The mystery of the Queen Mother's birthplace

The first famous Windsor woman to be born on August 4th lived most of her adult life in the spotlight and yet one very basic detail of her story is shrouded in mystery. For no one is really sure exactly where Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother was born. And no one did more to get people guessing than the Queen Mum herself. In 1980, as preparations were under way for her eightieth birthday…
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