Richard III movie starring Steve Coogan to start filming next year

Films about historical Kings and Queens are not unique as there are so many that exist. They usually showcase a monarch’s greatest achievements or their most tragic shortcomings, such as wars and crusades. A new movie about Richard III is set to begin filming in 2021, featuring Alan Partridge star Steve Coogan. Breaking from convention, rather than be a biopic about the Battle at Bosworth…
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The complicated truth behind William and Harry's decision to walk behind Diana's coffin

It was a sight that underlined the true impact of the crash in Paris that claimed the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. As her funeral procession got under way, on September 6th 1997, her two sons began their slow walk behind her coffin. Surrounded by cries of grief and the eyes of millions, Prince William and Prince Harry bravely led mourners in final tributes to the woman they called…
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Granny Knows Best: the grandparents of Albert II of Monaco

Today we’re looking at the grandparents of Albert II of Monaco: a Monegasque princess, a French count, an Olympic rower, and a gym teacher. Unfortunately for Albert, none of his grandparents were alive to see him ascend to the throne in 2005. Prince Pierre, Duke of Valentinois Embed from Getty Images Prince Albert’s paternal grandfather was born in France in 1895 as Count Pierre…
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Sapphires for September: The Dutch Royal Collection

The Dutch Sapphire Necklace Tiara Embed from Getty Images This is one of the smaller, but no less opulent tiaras in the Dutch Royal Family’s collection. Created from a sapphire necklace; and previously-owned jewellery within their collection, the pieces date back to the time of Queen Emma (who owned a sapphire and diamond choker that became a part of the eventual tiara) and Queen…
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