Iraq's Boy King - A Life Cut Short

We are all familiar with the recent history of Iraq, the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and the war and violence during and after his rule. However less known is the fact that for years Iraq was a Kingdom. This is the story of Iraq’s third and last King – Faisal II. The modern nation of Iraq was founded in 1921 by the British out of the ruins of the defeated Ottoman Empire.
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Royal Artists: the unknown talents of Europe’s royals

Royals can have many talents, and many members of the royal families across the continent have impressive artistic abilities. From Denmark to Romania to the United Kingdom, they each have talented artists in their families. It is no secret that Prince Charles is a painter, but few know that he is one of the most successful artists in Great Britain, having earned about $3 million from copies of…
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36 facts about Diana, Princess of Wales

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales’s tragic death in a car crash in Paris. Diana was an influential figure the world over and brought light to some of the most controversial subjects, from AIDS/HIV to landmines and homelessness. Unfortunately, she only lived to the age of 36, so here is a fact to mark each year of Diana’s short life. As a member of the Spencer…
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Will Diana, Princess of Wales's statue change the future of royal sculptures?

It was recently announced that the statue being designed to honour Diana, Princess of Wales will be installed on what would be Diana’s 60th birthday next year. This is the first joint venture by both her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry since it was reported that they had drifted apart. The statue was commissioned by her sons back in 2017 to “recognise her positive impact”. The…
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