Royal History Mystery: Did Richard III want to marry his niece?

Today, we’re looking at a Royal History Mystery that involves a king and his niece and whether their relationship was too scandalous for the time period. Did Richard III want to marry his niece Elizabeth of York? One of the most turbulent periods in English history was the Wars of the Roses and the conflicts between different royal dynasties. In a previous post outlining the Royal History…
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England's most hated ruler and Barnard Castle

Poor old Richard III. This king just can’t catch a break. William Shakespeare helped turn him into a much maligned monarch. Now, the site of one of his favourite homes is at the centre of a political storm that the Bard would have relished getting to grips with. For…
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Royal Wedding Rewind: Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark

Twelve years ago today, Prince Joachim married his fiancée, Marie Cavallier in Mogeltonder Church, in South Jutland. Prince Joachim and Princess Mariemet while Joachim was still married to his first wife, Countess Alexandra. They were invited to a dinner and, being the only two French-speaking people invited, their host introduced them. Their romance, however, started much…
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King George VI's Winnipeg Speech

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth undertook a month-long tour of Canada in May and June of 1939, visiting every province, the Dominion of Newfoundland, and they also spent a few days in the United States. The tour was more ambitious than any of the previous Canadian tours.

Welcoming a Royal Bride to England

It was not simply the wedding but also the welcome attending the arrival of a future royal bride in England which came to be the subject of public interest; it provided after all, the first glimpse of her in the country in which she would be princess and of which in some cases, she would be Queen, and therefore, the supposed mother of the continuing or new, royal dynasty. Catherine of Aragon…
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Looking Back: What it was like to camp out for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding

Attending the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was like a dream.  Growing up, I was obsessed with princesses and becoming a princess myself, which may explain why I proclaim myself as a royalist today.  Prior to studying abroad in the summer of 2018 my plan was always to go to Windsor on the day of the wedding to get a glimpse of the famous couple.  Little did I know just how…
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