The Royal Central Podcast: are we fair to royal women?

This week on the Royal Central Podcast, the debate is all about royal women. We ask whether royal women today get enough credit for their work and take a look back at the queens and princesses of the past to debate whether their fascinating lives can ever be truly uncovered after centuries of male dominated history. And do you count Jane Grey as a Queen of England or an unlucky lady? Join Moniek…
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The Diamond Engagement Rings of Windsor Brides

Today, we’re looking at some of the diamond engagement rings of Windsor brides. From Queen Elizabeth to Princess Beatrice, diamonds are a classic choice. Here’s Royal Central’s look at the sparkling rings of the brides of the House of Windsor. Queen Elizabeth II – engaged 9 July 1947 Embed from Getty Images The future queen fell in love with Prince Philip at a young age and…
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Queen Victoria's daughter in Italy

In the spring of 1873, Princess Alice of Hesse, second daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, set out from Darmstadt to visit Italy. It was the fulfilment of a life’s dream. Certainly, it was a totally new experience of travel for her, in marked contrast to the type…

The Royal Central Podcast: should Beatrice and Eugenie be full time working royals?

This week’s Royal Central Podcast looks at some of the biggest royal talking points around. Our Deputy Editor, Brittani Barger, explains why the recent decision by the King of Sweden to take away the HRH from five of his grandchildren leaves more questions still to be answered. Our Assistant Editor, Moniek Bloks, and Desk Editor, Lydia Starbuck, debate whether it’s time for Beatrice…
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The Colourful Engagement Rings of Windsor Brides

Today we’re looking at some of the colourful engagement rings of Windsor brides. From the Queen Mother to Princess Eugenie, sapphires are a popular choice amongst the Windsors. However, other women have also worn rubies, emeralds, and a unique stone from an architect…

What would happen to The Queen's hostage if Her Majesty wasn't safely returned to Buckingham Palace?

On Monday, the State Opening of Parliament takes place in London with The Queen travelling to the Palace of Westminster to deliver a speech outlining her government’s agenda for the next parliamentary session. The day is full of historical traditions, from searching the cellars for gunpowder to Black Rod and her big baton. But the strangest tradition of all has to be the taking of a…
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