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The British Line of Succession: the first 20 people

This summer, Royal Central is taking a look at the lines of succession across Europe and this latest installment looks at the first twenty with a claim on the British throne. Elizabeth II has achieved much in her long reign and from a dynastic point of view she has another success to celebrate. For the line to the throne under the Queen is as about as secure as it could be. In fact, so solid…
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Oslo Royal Palace's summer exhibition in pictures

In June, the temporary summer exhibition opened at the Royal Palace in Oslo. This is an excellent exhibition that anyone who visits Norway’s capital should see. For those of you who cannot visit Oslo this summer, you can see the presentation here: The backyard of the…
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The Royals due at Wimbledon on Finals Weekend 2019

It’s set to be a right royal turnout at Wimbledon this weekend as the famous tennis tournament comes to a close. Leading the way will be the Duke of Kent who is President of the All England Club and whose presence at the finals is a long standing royal commitment. But he’ll have company this weekend in the famous royal box as the titles at Wimbledon 2019 are decided. Embed from Getty…
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Two Empresses: Two Widows

In 1888, a year whose numbering Queen Victoria thought odd (‘Never can it be written again!’), her daughter, the Princess Royal and Crown Princess of Prussia, had become German Empress, prompting the proud words from her mother: ‘My OWN dear Empress Victoria… may God…

A King's last journey

Frederick II, accorded the epithet ‘the Great’ already during his own lifetime, had in fact, a whole other life after death, aside from his legacy. The great King’s legend stalks the eighteenth century like a gigantic historic shadow, much as the oversize silhouette of…

Where the Wildflowers Grow: Kensington Palace goes back to nature

It’s the hashtag to have this summer and now the royals are part of the craze, too. England is awash with wildflowers as the sun reaches its height with everywhere from motorway verges to public parks going for the natural look. And now Kensington Palace has shared its own take with a celebration of its wildflower meadow for 2019. A team from Historic Royal Palaces has been working through…
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The Princess who was gassed by the Nazis

After the First World War, several of Europe’s monarchies fell, and among them were the German and Austrian-Hungarian Empires. While many of the royalty in these countries fled to other countries to live their lives in exile, others chose to remain in their country of…

Primroses for her Prime Minister: Benjamin Disraeli and Queen Victoria

A fond tradition arose in the lifetime of Benjamin Disraeli, Lord Beaconsfield, Queen Victoria’s two-time Prime Minister, namely that of his receiving flowers, often primroses from the Queen. To Disraeli, Queen Victoria was the ‘Faery’ – his endearing name for his Sovereign, whatever the intention of Edmund Spenser’s epic poem Faerie Queene. Disraeli told his friend, Lady Bradford, that…
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