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Royal Wedding Flowers: the Duchess of Cornwall

The flowers carried by the Duchess of Cornwall on her wedding day, April 9th 2005, were filled with personal touches that had their own place in her royal romance with the Prince of Wales. For not only were the flowers in Camilla’s posy highly significant, they had been grown by the bride and groom themselves. The Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding flowers were a burst of spring sunshine. She…
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Philippe at 60: The Unexpected Heir

Today, we’re looking back at King Philippe’s adult life until he became the King of the Belgians in 2013. After Prince Philippe turned 18, he joined the Belgium Royal Military School and began training. Here, he’s pictured in camouflage during a…

The Royal Escape from Oslo: 9 April 1940

This year, in 2020, marks 75 years since World War II ended. It is also the 80th anniversary of war coming to the Monarchies of Norway and Denmark. While the Danish royal family was taken prisoner by the Nazis, the Norwegian royal family managed to escape and carry on the…
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Royal Wedding Dresses: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

It was one of the most talked about royal weddings in decades. When  Camilla Parker-Bowles and Charles, Prince of Wales on April 9th 2005 in Windsor, millions were watching. And they saw a royal bride with not one but two different wedding outfits for her big day. As the couple mark their fifteenth wedding anniversary, Royal Central looks back at the wedding gowns of Camilla, Duchess of…
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April Sparkle: Monaco's Best Diamonds

The birthstone of April, the diamond, is perhaps the most celebrated of all sparkling stones. Throughout the month, Royal Central is looking at some of the best known pieces dominated by diamonds in European jewellery collections. Today, let’s take a look at some of Monaco’s most majestic diamonds! Diamond Foam Tiara One thing you’ll notice with Princess Charlene’s…
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A Calendar of Kings: April

Every month brings its own royal milestones and April is no different. The month is filled with landmarks for kings of times past. Among them is the start of the reign of perhaps the most famous king of all and a happy marriage that went on to create royal history. Our Calendar of Kings has reached April. Births Let’s start at the beginning with the arrival of monarchs. The first…
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