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The Queen is listed among the most admired people in the world

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The Queen has been named as one of the most admired people in the world in a new poll. The YouGov research also shows that Elizabeth II makes the top twenty most respected women in every country where the survey took place.

The overall poll lists the top twenty most admired men and top twenty most admired women and contains just one royal among all forty candidates. The Queen is the fourth most admired woman in the world, taking 5.9% of votes. Elizabeth II held the same place in the You Gov survey for 2018.

When the figures are separated out by country, the Queen tops the poll in the UK where 22.61% of people named her as the most admired woman. Michelle Obama is in second with 13% of British votes. No other royal woman makes the top twenty but there are three princes in the male rundown. The Duke of Cambridge is the most admired, at number three on the list with 5.89%. Next is the Duke of Sussex at fourth with 5.83% while the Prince of Wales is eighth with 3.43%.

The Queen is almost the admired woman in Australia (12.03%) but there the top male royal is Prince Harry at sixth place in the men’s list with 5.66%. Prince William is eighth with 4.08%. The Duke of Cambridge was the only male royal on the men’s list for Canada, coming in at sixth with 4.24%. Canadians ranked Elizabeth II as the second most admired woman with 9.05% there choosing her, behind Michelle Obama with 14.73%. The Duchess of Cambridge was fourteenth on that countdown (2.43%) while the Duchess of Sussex was sixteenth (1.83%).

The results make interesting reading across European countries with a monarchy. In Denmark, Queen Margrethe is the second most admired woman in the country with 13.47% choosing her. However, she is behind her daughter in law as Crown Princess Mary tops the Danish poll with 15.52%. Crown Prince Frederik is second on the male list for Denmark with 15.89% choosing him.

In the Netherlands, King Willem-Alexander is the second most admired male (9.77%) while Queen Maxima is also in silver medal position (13.69%). Princess Beatrix is the country’s fourth most admired woman (6.51%). The Belgian royals also share spots on their country’s table. King Philippe is the fifth most admired man (4.61%) while Queen Mathilde is also at five (5.66%).

In Sweden, Crown Princess Victoria is the most admired woman (13.11%) with Queen Silvia at eight on that list (3.67%). Victoria is also second on the rundown for Finland (6.45%). In Spain, only Queen Sofia makes the top twenty, coming in at three on her country’s list (8.47%).

The poll was conducted in December 2018 and researchers began by asking respondents to name the most admired person in the world. They then compiled a list of the twenty most mentioned men and women. In March to June 2019, another survey was taken in 41 countries. Respondents were given the same twenty most mentioned people along with ten men and ten women popular in their area and they were then asked to name the person on each list they most admired. They were also asked to choose as many on the rundowns that they truly admired. The figures were combined to produce the final results.

Michelle Obama and the Queen both feature on all the final rundowns for every country involved, underlining their popularity across the globe. The full results are available at the YouGov website.


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