Calendar of Queens: May

May is a month filled with queenly anniversaries. From coronations to christenings, marriages to monarchical moments, all four weeks contain special dates linked to majesty. Royal Central’s Calendar of Queens reaches May. Birth of a Queen Let’s start with a much forgotten queen who was hugely popular during her lifetime. The first consort of Richard II, Anne of Bohemia, was born…
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King George VI's Winnipeg Speech

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth undertook a month-long tour of Canada in May and June of 1939, visiting every province, the Dominion of Newfoundland, and they also spent a few days in the United States. The tour was more ambitious than any of the previous Canadian tours. But the King’s speech on May 24th, 1939 from Government House in Winnipeg was a historic occasion. The King and…
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Royal Jewels: Who Was Mrs Greville?

Margaret Greville is not a commonly known name. However, her legacy can be seen on several members of the British Royal Family to this day. Many of the tiaras, necklaces, and brooches worn today in the royal family were originally owned by The Hon. Mrs Ronald Greville, but how did they end up in the possession of the royals? Born in December 1863, Margaret Helen Anderson was the daughter…
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May Jewels: The origins of the Cambridge emeralds

The British royal family has many notable pieces of jewellery in their collection. From personal purchases to items passed down through generations, Royal Central is taking a look at the origins of the Cambridge emeralds. Nearly 200 years ago, in Germany, after the unexpected death of Princess Charlotte of Wales, the sons of King George III had to scramble to marry and produce a legitimate…
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