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The coronation of Mary I

There have only been a handful of queen regnants in Britain’s history. Queen Elizabeth II was the most recent, having reigned a historic 70 years, but 400 years before her reign began, the first queen regnant was crowned: Queen Mary I. The eldest daughter of Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, Mary Tudor, lived a tumultuous life. Born as a legitimate heir, then named…
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The royal who wasn't afraid of the curse of King Tut's tomb

The curse of Egyptian King Tut’s tomb is well-known. Of those who have entered Tutankhamun’s tomb, many have succumbed to unexpected, early deaths. From Lord Carnarvon to Howard Carter, those who “disturbed” the tomb had early deaths under the so-called “curse of the Pharaohs.” One royal was not afraid to risk the curse: Queen Elisabeth of Belgium.
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Habsburg jaw caused by intermarrying

A group of fourteen surgeons and geneticists have confirmed that the distinctive Habsburg chin in the Spanish Royal Family resulted from their inbreeding.  The Habsburg dynasty dates back to the eleventh century when the Counts of Habsburg ruled areas of present-day…

Napoleon III’s remains will not return to France

France is marking a special royal anniversary this year. In light of the anniversary, a year-long debate has also flared up at a high political level in recent months. Several senior French politicians want to attempt to have the Emperor’s remains returned to…
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King Felipe and the Catholic Church: a changing tale of faith and diplomacy

To analyse the religious situation in Spain, one must consider faith and diplomacy as inextricably linked. Spain is one of the world’s most religious countries, officially, with some statistics putting the percentage of the population that ascribes to the Roman Catholic Church as high as 96%.  To put that number in context, that same survey put Italy’s percentage of Roman Catholics at…
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Did the battle that saw the demise of the first King Charles start earlier than first believed?

While King Charles III has just announced plans for his coronation plans this coming May, a King Charles of the past is also back in the news again. Archaeologists in Warwickshire have uncovered evidence that points to an earlier start to the first battle of the civil war, which saw the demise of King Charles I. The first recorded battle of the English Civil War took place in August of…
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