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Grand Duchess Maria Teresa hears "strong and moving testimonies" from young mothers at Red Cross home

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg paid a visit to support young mothers earlier this week when she stopped by the Norbert Ensch Reception Centre in Contern. She visited the Zoé and Yua groups, which were created to give housing and other vital services for young parents and their children. The reception centre is a service implemented by the Luxembourg Red Cross, of which the Grand…
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Crown Princess Katherine expresses solidarity with cancer patients

On World Cancer Day, Crown Princess Kathrine of Serbia expressed solidarity with cancer patients in Serbia and worldwide. Her Royal Highness issued a statement where she said: “On the World Cancer Day I would like to draw your attention to the fact that cancer is preventable and by having regular medical check-ups, screening, prevention of risk factors and vaccination programs, which are of…
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Who is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark?

Birth and Childhood Mary Elizabeth Donaldson was born on 5 February 1972 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She was the youngest child of Donald and Henrietta Donaldson. She has two older sisters, Jane and Patricia, and an older brother, John. Mary’s mother died in…

King Harald on his health: ''better and better''

On Tuesday, His Majesty presented the National Association for Public Health Research Prizes for 2020. Ulrik Wisløff received the National Association for Public Health’s Heart Research Award today. This year’s winners of the Dementia Research Award was Anders…

Luxembourg judicial police launch preliminary investigation into alleged physical violence against employees at Grand Ducal Court

The judicial police in Luxembourg have launched a preliminary investigation into the alleged physical violence against employees at the Grand Ducal Court. The allegations came to light during a recent interview on the RTL Radio Press Club broadcast where several cases of supposed physical violence against the staff at the Court were discussed. The public prosecutor will not make any…
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Princess Estelle gets a foundation

Princess Estelle of Sweden, who will celebrate her eighth birthday later this month, has a foundation in her name. The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation (Prinsessan Estelles Kulturstiftelse) was established in 2019 by her parents, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince…

Queen Sofía of Spain attends book presentation

Queen Sofía of Spain returned to her homeland of Greece for the book presentation of “The Journal of Queen Frederica, 1938-1967”, which is about her mother. Queen Sofía’s younger brother King Constantine II of Greece and his wife, Queen Anne-Marie were…

King Harald orders declassification of secret spy documents

King Harald of Norway has ordered the declassification of secret spy documents. This was made public by the Norwegian government last Sunday and reported by Norwegian media. This is very rare and has only happened a few times in recent history. It was during the weekly Council of State at the Royal Palace in Oslo on January 10 2020 that graded documents from the Norwegian secret services was…
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