European Royals

Duke Carl Gregor of Mecklenburg has died

Yesterday, it was announced that His Highness Duke Carl Gregor of Mecklenburg had died. The announcement was made on the official Facebook page of the House of Mecklenburg. The official press release stated that the Duke passed away Monday morning, 23 July 2018, at the age of 85 at his home Villa Silberburg in Hechingen where he had lived for over 50 years following his marriage to Princess Maria…
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Romanian airline honors Romania's former monarchs

Royalism in Romania is on the rise. The Balkan nation is well on its way to re-establishing its constitutional monarchy, and the people look up to the members of the Romanian Royal Family as their role models. They see how unfair Romanian royal history has been treated. Blue…

King Karl Johan’s secret escape plan

This year marks 200 years since Karl XIV Johan became king of both Norway and Sweden. The French General, who became Swedish and Norwegian King, was used to troubled times. After he became a monarch, this did not change. The Swedish representatives created problems for the…

Before they were royal: The life of Princess Charlene of Monaco

Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco stepped into the shoes of one of the most legendary women in history, bearing her title and serving Monaco as their first lady just as she did. Nearly six years following the succession of Prince Albert II to his father’s throne, Charlene Lynette Wittstock married and became royalty. Thirty-three years before her wedding day, Charlene Lynette…
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Prince Sébastien takes part in the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

We are used to the idea of the guards protecting the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, but this week has been slightly unusual – one of those guarding the palace is a foreign royal. Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg is currently with 1st Battalion Irish Guards stationed at Hounslow Barracks in London as a Troop Commander and has been Standard bearer on some of the occasions when the Battalion has…
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King Harald caught 13 kilos of heavy salmon

According to tradition, King Harald ended this week with his annual salmon fishing holiday in northern Norway. For two days, King Harald was by the Altaelva River in Finnmark, Norway’s northernmost county. Together with a few good comrades, they fished for Norwegian…

As King Philippe celebrates five years on the throne, new photos released to mark occasion

King Philippe of the Belgians celebrates five years on the Belgian throne today. In honour of the occasion, the Royal Palace has released four new official photographs of the King, Queen and their four children: Princess Elisabeth (16), Prince Gabriel (14), Prince Emmanuel (12) and Princess Eléonore (10). The images were released at the earlier this week on 18 July ahead of the anniversary. One…
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