All the royals who have lived in Kensington Palace's Apartment 1

Apartment 1 at Kensington Palace remains vacant a year after the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester moved out of the 21-room residence. The apartment, which is adjoined to the Cambridge family’s living quarters, was occupied by the Gloucesters from 1972 until September 2019. In this article Royal Central takes a look at the previous occupants of the now empty property which is rich in royal…
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The godparents of Europe's heirs

As Prince Charles of Luxembourg is christened today, we’re looking at the godparents of Europe’s heirs. The Prince of Wales Embed from Getty Images Prince Charles was born on 14 November 1948 and christened on 15 December of that year. His godparents…

Vatican City: the world’s smallest state and monarchy

Vatican City State is the world’s smallest state, located entirely within the Italian capital, Rome. Covering 0.17 square miles (121 acres), Vatican City also has the smallest population of any country in the world, at roughly 800 inhabitants. The Vatican is one of the most unique countries in that it is an elective ecclesiastical monarchy, with the Head of the Catholic Church, His Holiness…
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Will Diana, Princess of Wales's statue change the future of royal sculptures?

It was recently announced that the statue being designed to honour Diana, Princess of Wales will be installed on what would be Diana’s 60th birthday next year. This is the first joint venture by both her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry since it was reported that they had drifted apart. The statue was commissioned by her sons back in 2017 to “recognise her positive impact”. The…
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Royal Stepparents: From Princess Beatrice to Queen Noor

Today we’re looking at royal stepparents, from Princess Beatrice to Queen Noor of Jordan. Princess Beatrice Photo by Benjamin Wheeler via Getty Images After her surprise wedding to Edoardo Mappelli Mozzi on 17 July 2020, Princess Beatrice became the stepmother of four-year-old Christopher Woolf, who is affectionately known as Wolfie. He is a private citizen and has not accompanied his…
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