British Royals

An unexpected star at the Coronation: how the Lord President of the Council made her mark in history

In September 2022, she proclaimed the end of an historic reign and the start of a new one. Now, eight months later, she will be remembered for the titanic effort she carried out during the Coronation of the King. We are, of course, talking about Penny Mordaunt, Leader of the Conservatives in the House of Commons and, most importantly, Lord President of the Council. It was in this…
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The next queen called Elisabeth: how is a princess preparing for her future role?

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium has paved the way for a new generation of heirs in Europe to embrace their roles in a continuously changing landscape. Elisabeth Thérèse Marie Hélène was born at 9:58 pm on 25 October 2001, the first of four children born to the then-Duke and Duchess of Brabant. As it happens for many firstborns, she shaped the education path for the rest of her…
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Queen Sofia presides over Alzheimer's conference in Asturias

Queen Sofía of Spain was back in Asturias to preside over the official inauguration of a conference on Alzheimer’s and the integration of sufferers in daily life. On 9th November, Her Majesty arrived in the town of Gijón and, in front of the Convention Centre, she was welcomed by local authorities, including the President of the Principality of Asturias and the mayor of the city…
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European Royals

Spanish State Visit to Denmark draws unexpected attention but royals keep focus on co-operation

The most intense day of any State Visit is always the second one, because all the formalities are left behind on day one, and the real cooperation work begins. However, the Spanish State Visit to Denmark saw a further focus as day two went on and for unseen reasons. Day two of the Spanish State Visit to Denmark had begun bright and early for King Felipe and Crown Prince Frederik, who arrived…
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