The tiara that became emblematic of an historic queen

For what may well be her last tiara appearance of her life as Monarch, Queen Margrethe II chose one of the most significant jewellery pieces in the Danish vault. And it was the tiara worn by Margrethe II in the first official photo of her following her accession in 1972. It has been emblematic of her historic reign for over half a century. Nicknamed the “Pearl Poiré Tiara” from the shape…
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How Europe's newest prince won everyone's attention on his first official engagements

Following in his big brother’s footsteps, Prince François of Luxembourg began his official agenda at seven months old. On 25th October 2023, his first official engagement was carried out in his parents’ arms at the Elysis elderly home in Kirchberg, where he quickly became the delight of residents and staff members alike. The home, which is designated to take care of old…
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The modern monarchy that exists because of Napoleon

Sweden was a monarchy long before its current ruling house arrived on the throne. However, it was the last dynasty to accede to the throne that made it famous. Its founder was born in France, and the Kingdom of Sweden was his reward for a well-conducted campaign during the Napoleonic wars. Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte was born in Pau, southern France, on the 26th of January…
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King Charles III

King Charles commemorates sombre anniversary with the Jewish community in London

King Charles III has met with some of the remaining children of the Kindertransport to commemorate the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht.  On 9th November, His Majesty arrived at London’s Central Synagogue, where he was welcomed by the institution’s authorities.  Once inside, he sat down with some of the children that became part of Kindertransport, a project that rescued children…
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