No coronation and a much happier proclamation: what to expect as King Frederik takes the Danish throne

When Margrethe II abdicates on January 14 2024, the reign of her son as King Frederik X will start. Unlike the United Kingdom, which marked the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, Denmark’s process of accession to the throne is much simpler and more oriented towards the Sovereign’s constitutional duties.  Many people will have seen the resurfaced images of Queen Margrethe’s…
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Overshadowed by controversy - Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel make an important trip to the UK

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have made their way back to Sweden just in time to spend the first weekend of Advent with their children, after a whirlwind visit to the United Kingdom. Landing in the British capital on 29th November, the couple travelled with a high-profile delegation, which included, among others, Defence Minister Pål Johnson and Infrastructure Minister…
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King Harald puts a spotlight on brand new defence tools

King Harald of Norway has paid a visit to Nye Evenes Air Base, where, among other things, he got to see first-hand the country’s newest defensive and surveillance weapons.  On Sunday, 18th November, His Majesty arrived at the air station in the north of the country, and he was immediately taken to see the newest crown jewel of Norway’s defence: a fleet of P-8 Poseidon.  The King…
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The prized jewels that must pass from queen to queen

It is not uncommon for monarchies to hold priceless pieces of jewellery that enjoy special status: they don’t belong to any specific person, nor can they be sold or separated. This is also the case for Spain, when Queen Victoria Eugenia, better known as Ena, decided to create a set of jewellery pieces to be passed down from generation to generation of queens. According to Queen…
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