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As the Queen celebrates her 93rd birthday on Easter Sunday, here’s a look back at her 13th birthday

In 1939, the year that would see the start of the Second World War and an important visit to Canada and the USA by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, the thirteenth birthday of their daughter Princess Elizabeth on 21 April seemed almost insignificant by comparison. The concept of the ‘teenager’, with its connotations of rebellion, was yet to be invented and in any case, would hardly have…
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All Fine on the Day: a look at past royal weddings which have turned out well despite problems

Being part of a royal family may be a privilege but it does not protect its members from the worries and woes that beset everyone else. Weddings are famously fraught with difficulties, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are discovering. Perhaps they can take comfort from the fact that other royal nuptials have faced problems in the past, yet everything has turned out fine. The wedding of Prince…
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Mother of a dynasty: Louisa Jane, first Duchess of Abercorn

On 31 March 1905 an extraordinary woman died at Coates Castle in Sussex, aged 92. Although she had been widowed since 1885, Louisa Jane, the first Duchess of Abercorn, was not going to let advancing years and the loss of a husband interfere with the rest of her life. She may have outlived her close friend, Queen Victoria, by four years, but she was unlikely to be lonely. This is a version of a…
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