Princess Madeleine of Sweden Hosts a Fairytale Party for Seriously Ill Children

On Monday 22 February Princess Madeleine of Sweden hosted a fairytale party for seriously ill children in Stockholm’s royal palace. The party was planned together with a non-profit organisation called My Special Day (Min Stora Dag in Swedish) that makes dreams come true for children and young people with serious illnesses. The organisation arranges many different events to respond to the…
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Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden Accept Christmas Trees

Since the late 1960s, the Forestry Programme at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) has donated Christmas trees to the Swedish royal family. The trees are brought to the castle in Stockholm by voluntary students of the university and accepted by members of the royal family. The tradition has been going on for so long that Nordmann firs are known more commonly as “the…
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King and Queen of Spain to Be Featured on a Limited Edition Coin

On Monday, 16 November, it was announced by the Royal Mint of Spain that King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain are to be featured on a limited edition coin. The profiles of the royal couple are to appear on one side of the coin while Miguel Cervantes’ legendary folklore hero, Don Quixote is to be featured on the alternate side. King Felipe was crowned in June of 2014 after the abdication…
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Throwback Thursday: Windsor Castle fire

Windsor Castle came out of World War II untouched by Blitz that occurred only 24 or so miles away. Decades later on 20 November 1992, it would meet a far different fate in the form of fire that would end up costing close to £40 million. The fire was said to spark by a…

Looking at the birth of Marie Antoinette

Born as the last of the children of Empress Maria Theresia and the Holy Roman Emperor, Francis Stephen, the future Queen of France Marie Antoinette, was also the imperial couple’s fifteenth child and eleventh daughter. She was born on November 2 1755, the Feast of the Dead in Catholic Austria’s calendar and baptised under the names Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna, but known within the family…
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