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Autumn greetings from Swedish Royal Kids

For a long time now, the Swedish Royal Family has accustomed us to sweet moments shared on social media. Often we are presented with new official photos, but also very spontaneous and unexpected pictures of the newest members of the family. Recently with the arrival of the Autumn, a new picture of Prince Oscar was released.

The youngest son of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, born on 2 March 2016, appears seated and surrounded by pumpkins. The photograph was taken in Solliden Palace by the little Prince’s mum during the Ölland Harvest Festival, to which the future Queen of Sweden attended.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden - Official Facebook

The Fall is here! Photo: Princess Madeleine of Sweden – Official Facebook

Days later it was Princess Madeleine who shared on her official Facebook account a photograph of her eldest daughter Leonore playing with the first fallen leaves. In the caption you can read “The fall is here!”. The photograph was probably taken at a park, somewhere in London where the Princess lives with her husband, Christopher O’Neill and their two children, Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas.

The way Scandinavian royal families share pictures of their newest members is globally admired by royal watchers. Aware of the media interest in their lives, especially when it comes to their children, several pictures are released throughout the year showing the little princes and princesses. In addition, these families know how to provide media gatherings when the children can be photographed in a relaxed and controlled, yet spontaneous environment.

From an early age, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian royal children are included in official acts and we see often pictures of these children with their parents in more private occasions such as walks and playdates, or even when their parents are picking them at school. The parents seem to accept this media interest as part of the game and since their limits are respected and the safety of children and the environment that surrounds them is safeguarded, it seems certain that these families accept the interest and affection that the public has for them. In fact, I think this is the way they can be seen as normal parents, doing normal things with their kids!