Palaces & Buildings

The Ghosts of Windsor Castle

It is The Queen’s weekend home and is apparently her favourite royal residence. But did you know that Windsor Castle is also the home of many royals from years and centuries gone by. In this piece we explore the ghostly goings on at Windsor Castle and just who haunts the 1000 year old fortress. King Henry VIII The ghost of the second Tudor King is said to be Windsor Castle’s most famous…
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The Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Queen Victoria

Everybody will remember the magnitude of celebrations commemorating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012. From the River Thames pageant to the concert outside Buckingham Palace and especially the extended Bank Holiday weekend. Let’s not forget though that The Queen’s great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, was also a Monarch, who celebrated 60 years on the throne, and…
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When fire devastates England’s treasures

Some of the greatest insights of our history are embedded in the stately homes that lay across the country, full of stories that would put the saying “if these walls could talk” to shame. Unfortunately, with older homes fire safety doesn’t match that of…