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All of the Royals who live at St James's Palace

Of all the current Royal Palaces, St James’s is the most senior and all foreign ambassadors to this country are still referred to as being appointed to the Court of St James’. This is perhaps ironic, as the palace was constructed in the 1530’s by King Henry VIII, as somewhere to escape from the rigid court life of the Palace of Whitehall. It was built on the site of a leper hospital…
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The Queen welcomes HMS Queen Elizabeth to the Royal Navy

On Thursday, Her Majesty The Queen attended the commissioning ceremony for HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth. The Queen described the 65,000-tonne carrier as the “best of British”, suitable as the ship is the largest ever for the Royal Navy. Her Majesty was accompanied by her daughter, Princess Anne who was dressed in Naval uniform. Upon arrival, Princess Anne joined her mother in…
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Princess Anne is 2017's busiest royal so far, with Duke & Duchess of Cambridge working the least

According to the latest reports released by the Press Association this Wednesday, it would seem that The Princess Royal currently holds the title as Busiest Royal of 2017 so far, clocking in at an impressive 44 full days of work over the past two and a half months. This means Princess Anne has conducted almost a quarter of all work undertaken by the British Monarchy in 2017. Not bad for a…
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Royal Family threatened by over 400 stalkers

It has been revealed that a specialist police team are currently monitoring more than 400 stalkers who form a threat to the royal family. Established in 2007 because ‘information was coming in, but there was no system to assess it. And the attacks were potentially preventable,’ the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) is led by a psychiatrist and a psychologist. They believe the best way to…
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