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Opinion: Meghan changing her engagement ring shouldn’t be controversial

Recently, people have complained that the Duchess of Sussex appears to have altered her engagement ring. To them, she has changed a “piece of history”, adding that as such it’s not fashion that should be changed. I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with this. It’s HER engagement ring given to HER by her now husband. Her choice doesn’t impact us. For all we know, she may have…
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Top 5 royal related films

There have been many royal related films released over the years. I have listed below my top five royal associated films. The King’s Speech: The 2010 film starred Colin Firth as King George VI who struggles with his speech impediment and receives help from an Australian speech therapist who provides vital assistance in preparing the nervous King before his first wartime radio broadcast…
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Opinion: Princess Madeleine fights back against paparazzi in the best way

One of the downsides to being royal are the lack of privacy, media scrutiny, and paparazzi following their every move. Each royal has their own way of dealing with these things. I’ve often said to friends and coworkers that the Swedish Royal Family has the best outlook and way to deal with the intrusive paparazzi. However, Princess Madeleine – the youngest of King Carl XVI Gustaf and…
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