The Yorks

Duke of York sings Happy Birthday to daughter Eugenie virtually during Pitch@Palace awards

The Pitch@Palace event is an initiative by the Duke of York to encourage entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom. In the past, the initiative has been described as a cross between the television shows Shark’s Tank, Dragon’s Den, and the X Factor. This week it can be compared to a new television program-American Idol-the try-outs. The Pitch@Palace awards event coincided with the celebration of…
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Princess Anne and Family

Princess Anne’s Suite Opening

To the fanfare of a marching band in traditional Scottish dress, The Princess Royal opened the new Lennox Suite of the (EICC). Her mother, The Queen, officially opened the EICC in 1996 and Princess Anne recently marked a £30 million expansion to the current facility. Established in 1995, officially opened in 1996, the EICC operates as an independent commercial venture in the heart of…
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The Wessexes

Countess of Wessex honours 5 Rifles in Germany

The Sussexes

Prince Harry challenged to a duel in Oman

<![CDATA[“This is mad!” Prince Harry exclaimed as he attempted to rise to the challenge of a duel. The Prince was no match for the 60-year-old Folk Dancer, yet they both laughed as the Prince attempted to fence with him, holding a 3 foot blade and a tiny wooden shield. Embed from Getty Images Earlier, the Folk Dancer, Mohammed Moussa had taught the Prince how to conduct a traditional…
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Corporal Nathan Cirillo: one of Her Majesty's own

<![CDATA[Canada lost another brave soldier to terrorism this week. 24-year-old Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was brutally gunned down while he stood guard over the National War Memorial in Ottawa. He was shot by Muslim extremist, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, shortly after 10 a.m. before Zehaf-Bibeau trained his violence toward Parliament. He was silenced by Parliament’s head of security, sergeant-at-arms…
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