Lady Jane Grey, England's Forgotten Queen: An interview with Dr Helen Castor (Part 2)

Today we continue with the final part of Chief Reporter Kristin Contino’s interview with historian, author, and BBC documentary presenter Dr Helen Castor (Read the first part of the interview here). Castor recently travelled to America to present lectures about Lady Jane Grey for the Royal Oak Foundation, the U.S. affiliate of the National Trust, as part of their renowned lecture series.
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The end of the House of Tudor

On 24 March 1603 Queen Elizabeth I breathed her last and – left with no legitimate heir – the House of Tudor came to an end after more than 100 years on the English throne. Beginnings The House of Tudor was founded in 1485 when Henry Tudor defeated King Richard III in…

#OnThisDay Lady Jane Grey becomes Queen

Lady Jane Grey, or Lady Jane Dudley, was proclaimed Queen on this day in 1553. She has been commonly referred to as The Nine Days Queen. She was the great-granddaughter of Henry VII through his daughter Mary, Queen of France. From 10 July to the 19 July, she was the de facto monarch of England and Ireland. It has been reported that she was born in October of 1537. However, more recent research has…
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Tales of the Tower: Lady Jane Grey

She is more popularly known as the ‘Nine Days Queen’ though is also remembered for her untimely demise within the walls of the Tower of London. Lady Jane Grey short-lived reign began on 10th July 1553 following the death of King Edward VI, who had personally named Lady…

Profiling Lady Jane Grey's nine days as Queen

Though her reign is disputed by many, Lady Jane Grey is undoubtedly this country’s shortest reigning monarch. Jane is popularly known as the ‘Nine Days Queen’ because of her curtailed reign. It is often a view of many she was a victim of her cousin, Edward…