'Dear Mama': A little-known memorial to the Duchess of Kent

On 16 March 1861, Queen Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent, died at Frogmore House, the private residence in Windsor Great Park which she had often used, living there for approximately two decades. After her death, the summer house she had planned during her lifetime was converted into a mausoleum on two levels, built on a mound overlooking the lake. The lower level contains the burial…
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The Death of Queen Victoria's Mother, the Duchess of Kent

Queen Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent, died on 16 March 1861 at her residence of Frogmore House, in Windsor Great Park. Frogmore had been occupied by the Duchess since May 1841 when Queen Victoria asked her mother whether or not she would like to use Frogmore House and its grounds as a country retreat on the death of George III’s daughter, Princess Augusta. The Duchess accepted Clarence…
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The Kents

The Duke and Duchess of Kent: a brief history

In this piece, we take a brief look at The Duke and The Duchess of Kent. Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick was born in 1935, the first born of Prince George, and Princess Marina, daughter of Prince Nicholas of Greece; this makes The Duke first cousin to both The Queen and…