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A musical birthday gift from the Duchess of Kent

The Duchess of Kent is happy to stay out of the spotlight, but on her 91st birthday, she applauded the launch of a new award with her musical charity.

On Thursday, Future Talent, the charity she co-founded in 2004, announced that it had partnered with the National Children’s Choir of Great Britain for a bursary award that will allow a singer from a low-income background the opportunity to study at two residentials over Easter and summer.

In addition to these two residentials, there will also be further opportunities for workshops, mentorships, performances and financial support through Future Talent.

According to the Future Talent Facebook post, “This announcement is in tribute to The Duchess of Kent, the co-founder of Future Talent and a Patron of NCCGB. The Duchess has dedicated much of her life to the arts and this partnership will continue her vision of providing equal opportunities for young talent to flourish.”

In a statement to Hello!, the Duchess of Kent said: “I am truly delighted to witness the union of Future Talent and the National Children’s Choir of Great Britain in this important endeavour. This partnership embodies the spirit of inclusivity and accessibility, with a shared commitment to nurturing the musical talents of the future.”

The Duchess of Kent co-founded Future Talent in 2004 with Nicholas Robinson as a way to “break down barriers, create opportunities and harness the power of music to transform the lives of young musicians across the UK.”

Future Talent aims to support musicians from low-income backgrounds by helping them secure the scholarship and financial support they need to pursue musical education.

The Duchess of Kent stepped back from royal duties in 2002 and has appeared publicly infrequently since then. She has devoted herself to music away from the royal spotlight, and maintains her work with instruction and charitable support.  

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