The Crown Prince who committed a murder-suicide?

Throughout history, many royals have died in brutal and bizarre ways. Royals have been killed in attacks, by illnesses and by accidents. In 1889, a tragic incident happened that ended up with not one, but two dead royals. Still to this day, the event has not been clarified, and there are still questions about what really happened. Apparently, Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria killed his lover…
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The Princess who was gassed by the Nazis

After the First World War, several of Europe’s monarchies fell, and among them were the German and Austrian-Hungarian Empires. While many of the royalty in these countries fled to other countries to live their lives in exile, others chose to remain in their country of…

New TV series on Empress Sisi planned

Eternally beautiful, eternally tragic, the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Sisi, continues to fascinate, over a hundred years after her death. And now the story of this groundbreaking royal is to hit TV screens in a new production. The new version will be an adaptation of the…