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The Royal Wedding Cake of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

It’s the cake that keeps on giving. The flower strewn bake that took centre stage at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on April 29th 2011 still makes its presence felt with slices of it popping up at auction with what seems like an almost metronomic regularity. But then there was plenty to go round as this was a whopper of a cake. Standing eight tiers tall and weighing in at over…
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Royal Wedding Rewind: George VI and Elizabeth

It was a wedding that changed the course of royal history. When Albert, Duke of York married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon on April 26th 1923 at Westminster Abbey, a partnership that would prove vital to the very survival of the British Monarchy was cemented. The couple, and those watching as they wed, had no idea of just how significant the day would prove to be. For this turned out to be a…
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Royal Wedding Flowers: the Duchess of Cornwall

The flowers carried by the Duchess of Cornwall on her wedding day, April 9th 2005, were filled with personal touches that had their own place in her royal romance with the Prince of Wales. For not only were the flowers in Camilla’s posy highly significant, they had been grown by the bride and groom themselves. The Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding flowers were a burst of spring sunshine. She…
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Royal Wedding Rewind: Olav of Norway and Martha of Sweden

It was a royal wedding for the history books, the marriage of a future king and a regal love match to boot. On this day in 1929, Olav of Norway married Martha of Sweden in Oslo. The couple’s romance had captured the public imagination while their rather glamourous wedding brought huge crowds to the streets of the Norwegian capital. Let’s rewind nine decades and remember the wedding…
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