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Looking back at the wedding of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie

Fifteen years ago today, Prince Joachim married his fiancée, Marie Cavallier, in Mogeltonder Church, in South Jutland. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie met while Joachim was still married to his first wife, Countess Alexandra. They were invited to a dinner and, being the only two French-speaking people invited, their host introduced them. Their romance, however, started much later. Embed from…
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2023 - the year of the royal weddings

This year is set to be the year for royal weddings. Three weddings are set to take place in 2023 – two in Jordan and one in Luxembourg. It is thought another wedding will take place in Norway this year, as well. The first royal wedding of the year will take place in April when Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg marries French-born Nicolas Bagory. As is traditional in Luxembourg, the pair…
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Man vows to eat a slice of Charles and Diana's wedding cake after buying it twice

A slice of royal history has been bought at auction twice by the same man, and he’s determined to have his cake and eat it, too. When Gerry Layton of Alwoodley, Yorkshire, saw a piece of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding cake for sale at a 2021 auction, he spent a mouth-watering £2,170 to purchase the slice. Fast forward to May 2022, and unbelievably, the 62-year-old…
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The most unusual royal wedding bouquet of all?

It’s not often the bridal bouquet gets its own name but that’s just what happened at the first major royal wedding of the 21st century. When Mette-Marit Tjessem Hjoiby married Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, on August 25th 2001 in Oslo, she carried an unusual arrangement of flowers that had a title all of its own. The creation was called ‘Brudeloperen’ and it remains one…
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