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All you need to know about the Jordanian Royal Wedding

Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan marries Rajwa Alsaif later today. Here’s what you need to know about the royal wedding. The pair will wed at Zahran Palace in an Islamic ceremony that the Royal Hashemite Court says the ceremony will be “an elegant and understated religious ceremony befitting of a Hashemite descendant of the Prophet Mohammad.” After the wedding, the couple…
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If ever a wedding dress summed up its wearer, it was the gown chosen by Sophie for her marriage to Prince Edward 

On January 6 1999, Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones announced that they were engaged to be married. To celebrate the occasion, 24 years on, Lydia Starbuck takes a look back at the Countess of Wessex’s striking wedding dress. If ever a royal wedding dress summed up its wearer, it was the gown chosen by Sophie Rhys-Jones for her marriage to Prince Edward on 19 June 1999 at St George’s…
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Where do Jordanian royal weddings take place?

Royal watchers rejoiced when the news of Princess Iman’s engagement broke on July 7, 2022. Not only is itanother royal wedding to look forward to, but there hasn’t been such a celebration in Jordan since 2004. With nearly 20 years since the last big royal wedding in Jordan, fans might not be familiar with the potential locations for Princess Iman’s big day. Zahran…
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The controversial royal bride who went High Street for her wedding dress

The marriage of Sonja Haraldsen to the future King of Norway, on August 29th 1968, marked a moment of joy in a relationship that had caused huge debate as soon as it was known about. For the bride had no royal blood in a monarchy where princes were expected to wed regally. However, love prevailed and Sonja married the then Crown Prince Harald in front of crowned heads from across Europe. This…
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