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Why The Queen is about to get a new, very distant royal cousin

<![CDATA[The news that Princess Charlene is expecting her first child came as a bit of a surprise to European royal watchers.  The birth of this latest royal baby, at the end of 2014, will give Monaco a new hereditary prince or princess, and secure the succession for the dynasty of Albert II.   But it will also give The Queen a new, very distant royal cousin. The connection between the…
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Her Majesty's prime ministers

<![CDATA[In the second of this blog series, we will be taking a look at Queen Elizabeth II's second prime minister. He was prime minister from 6th April 1955 until 10th January 1957, and his name was Anthony Eden. Robert Anthony Eden was born on 12th June 1897 at…
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The royal tradition of Afternoon Tea: From Queen Victoria to Elizabeth II

<![CDATA[At the British Royal Court, Afternoon Tea is a quintessential daily ritual. This delectable celebration of tea originated in the Victorian era, when young Queen Victoria reigned in the United Kingdom. Tea drinking in England dates back to 1662, when it was introduced at court by Portuguese Infanta Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II. Anna Maria Stanhope, Duchess of…
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Victoria Arbiter: Living at Kensington Palace

<![CDATA[People often ask me what it was like living at Kensington Palace and, in the past, I’ve responded in a somewhat blasé fashion. However, the passage of time has given me the opportunity to appreciate what a truly unique experience it was. Much as the…

The Queen paid tribute to the eyewitnesses of history

<![CDATA[ They are the men who have been on hand at some of the most pivotal moments in royal history. Among their number are those who took King John to sign the Magna Carta, or who carried Anne Boleyn on her coronation day. In modern times, they were at the heart of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and they are asked to accompany the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London and back at the…
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Kings, Queens and Olympic dreams

<![CDATA[The Sochi Winter Olympics gave us plenty of glimpses of royal spectators but no royal competitors.  But past Games, both winter and summer, have seen their fair share of kings and queens going for gold with some achieving it.  Being royal at the Olympics…

Commonwealth eases ban on Fiji

<![CDATA[The Fijian flag that still includes the Union Jack is once again flying at the Commonwealth Secretariat gardens in London following an announcement from the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group which decided to ease but not lift the current ban on Fiji's…

The princess from Wales who gave her name to Europe's newest royal

<![CDATA[Europe's newest royal, Princess Leonore Lilian Maria of Sweden, Duchess of Gotland, shares her first name with one of Sweden's most famous monarchs. While Ulrike Eleonora, queen regnant and queen consort of the country in the 18th century, is quite possibly the inspiration for the first name chosen by Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill for their daughter, there is…
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