Queen Letizia presents literature prizes

One of the world’s most prestigious children’s literature prize ceremonies took place in Spain Thursday, with Queen Letizia honouring the winners. The Queen spoke about the impact of literature on young people during the event at Madrid’s historic Royal Post Office building, Casa de Correos. “Thanks to all those who make it possible with your daily work that so many…
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European RoyalsThe Netherlands

Looking back at the Queen's Day attack of 2009

Though Queen’s Day is now celebrated as King’s Day in the Netherlands, the 2009 celebrations in Apeldoorn will forever be marked by tragedy. De Naald by Brbbl – CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons Ten years ago – on 30 April 2009 – Karst Tates drove his black Suzuki Swift through a crowd of people who had lined the streets to watch the Dutch Royal Family go by in a…
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Queen Sonja's Sami art exhibition receives new works of art

It was in February that Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway opened a brand new exhibition in Queen Sonja Art Stable in Oslo. On Friday, another art piece was added to the ongoing show, and Royal Central’s Senior Europe Correspondent Oskar Aanmoen was invited to the preview. It is the Sami artist Máret Ánne Sara’s art piece “Spirals of the Pile” which is the newest piece to go on…
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HistoryThe Netherlands

A short history of King's Day

Royal Central takes a look at the tradition of celebrating the monarch’s birthday that began as Princess’s Day. In the 19th century, King William III of the Netherlands faced quite a bit of unpopularity but his four-year-old daughter Wilhelmina, his future…

Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia visits children's hospital

Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia visited a children’s hospital in Serbia on Thursday. This was part of an annual tradition that the Crown Princess has to visit a hospital every Easter. Crown Princess Katherine visited children in the Children’s Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases “Dr Dragisa Misovic“ and in the Clinical-Hospital Center Zvezdara and handed them the Easter gifts which were…
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