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Crown Princess Mary speaks at Women Deliver Conference

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark was among the speakers at the Opening Ceremony of the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen yesterday. The Crown Princess spoke about how she was inspired to take up the cause of women’s rights seven years ago, when someone from Chad told her that in their country “when a woman gives birth she has one foot in the grave.” “That 300 000 women…
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Who is Princess Marie of Denmark?

Over the next several weeks, I want to write about of some of the lesser talked about royals in Europe for a series entitled “Who Is?”. One such royal is Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat. Marie was born Marie Agathe Odile…

Danish Crown Prince Couple's controversial Saudi Arabia tour

Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark will start a controversial tour of Saudi Arabia today (Sunday) where they will participate in a Danish business promotional campaign in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyad. They will then travel to Qatar’s capital, Doha on March 2nd for two days.. Joining them on this overseas visit will be many prominent Danish politicians including Kristian…
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10 year old Prince saved from drowning

Denmark’s ten year old Prince Christian, who is second in line to the throne, has reportedly been saved from drowning after he went swimming in Australia’s Gold Coast last week. A Gold Coast lifeguard is the person who courageously saved the Prince after he was swept off his feet and out into the sea by a strong current. Prince Christian, who will one day be King of Denmark, is the eldest son…
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Queen Margrethe of Denmark begins State Visit to Indonesia

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and her husband, Prince Henrik, have embarked upon a historic State Visit to Indonesia, to mark 65 years of diplomatic relations and to strengthen the ties between the two nations. The Queen and Prince Consort arrived in Indonesia earlier today…

Prince Henrik of Denmark: why am I not king?

Prince Henrik of Denmark, husband and Prince Consort of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has complained about the fact that he is not King of Denmark, but rather Prince Consort and has claimed that this constitutes sexism, according to an interview with French newspaper Le…

The Other Stylish, One Day Queen, Brown-Haired Royal: Princess Mary of Denmark

When you spend as much of your time as we do browsing for articles, photos and glimpses of our site’s namesake, Kate (Better and more properly known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) it’s easy to forget that there are other Royal families out there beyond the British Royal family. And even easier to forget that there is another Royal who shares many of the same qualities as…
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