A Royal Murder: Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley

Around 2:00 am on the 10th February 1567 the area around Kirk O’ Field in Scotland was rocked by two large explosions. Following them, two people were found dead in a nearby orchard. One was Lord Darnley, and the other his valet. His wife Mary, Queen of Scots, was not present in the house at the time. But what had led to this tragic murder, which marked the downward spiral of Mary, Queen of…
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Princess Anne and Family

Who is Mia Tindall?

Mia Grace Tindall was born on 17 January 2014 at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and is the daughter of Mike and Zara Tindall. Zara, being the daughter of Princess Anne, is currently 17th in line to the throne. She has accompanied the family to many events, especially when…
British RoyalsThe Queen

The Queen to take in gamekeeper’s dogs after his death

When you are on your own and feeling under the weather, it is nice of neighbours and friends to help you. I know both a neighbour and myself have walked another neighbour’s dog when her various artificial joints play up. But it has been revealed recently that HM The Queen has been walking a Corgi and Bichon-Frise belonging to one of her retired gamekeepers since he became too ill to exercise…
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British RoyalsPrince Charles and Camilla

Gold and cyber-security for Prince Charles

Prince Charles visited the Bank of England this week, following a visit in February to Clarence House by the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney. It was his first visit since 2002, and his first tour of the Bank since 1979. However, when he sat at the Governor’s desk accompanied by Deputy Governors, Minouche Shafik and Ben Broadbent, the four of them were sitting at a table that was…
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British Royals

Never-before-seen photos of King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson released to the public for the first time

Many think that some of the events this year have been earth-shattering, however, wind the clock back eighty years. In 1936, Britain is coming to terms with losing King George V whilst over in Europe the ominous threat of Hitler was beginning to grow steadily. Then the nation was further shocked when King Edward VIII expressed his desire to marry the divorcee Wallis Simpson, a desire which meant…
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