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Royal News

How Sophie became the Royal Family’s ray of sunshine in a year filled with challenges

In a year that has brought many challenges for the Royal Family. one member has taken on an even more important role. Throughout 2024, the Duchess of Edinburgh has embraced big engagements – including become the first member of the family to travel to Ukraine since the start of the war there – and carried many responsibilities for the House of Windsor.

It’s only consolidated Sophie’s role within the family. In the 25 years since she married Prince Edward, the Duchess of Edinburgh has seen her role and duties grow. Her closeness to the family of the Prince and Princess of Wales only highlights how central she is and will be to the development of the Monarchy in the years to come.

This was on show at yhis year’s Trooping the Colour. It was an important day for many reasons; naturally, it marked the return of the Princess of Wales to public duties for the first time since she began treatment for cancer which followed major abdominal surgery at the beginning of 2024.

It also marked the King’s second birthday parade, and the first since his own cancer diagnosis and recovery. 

Trooping the Colour took place under heavy rain, especially during the return carriage ride which made the Duchess of Edinburgh’s choice of outfit even more special as her yellow ensemble acted as a ray of sunshine among the grey.

Fashion experts have quickly identified her outfit as a piece made by Beulah London, a brand that Royal watchers should be familiar with, as it has been a staple in several Royal ladies’ closets for many years. The dress, named Yahvi Midi Dress in the colour Lemon, is still available on their website for £625.

Sophie’s hat was made by another landmark name in Royal fashion, Jane Taylor; specifically, the Duchess of Edinburgh was wearing the milliner’s Persephone model in the colour Crêpe. 

The last known element of their outfit is the earrings, made by Italian jeweller Giulia Barela. The model, named Rocking, are still available on the brand’s website for €220, and the earrings are made of bronze plated in 24K gold. 

Despite the Duchess of Edinburgh not changing outfits, there was another one of her pieces on display during the event… 

Her daughter, Lady Louise, borrowed the Jane Taylor Una hat that her mother had made specifically for her for 2023’s Royal Ascot. 

Especially when she appeared on the balcony, Duchess Sophie’s yellow outfit really broke the monotony of the grey sky, and it made the entire family’s appearance on the iconic London scene even more visible from the crowds that gathered underneath the balcony, undeterred by the rain. 

It also made the gesture that closed the balcony appearance even more special. The yellow sleeve of the Duchess’ dress made for a nice and visible contrast against the Prince of Wales’ red tunic, giving that pat on the back even more visibility, and, with that, shining a bright spotlight on the family unity that was on display throughout the event and over the past few months, as its members adjusted to the many changes and unexpected events that took place. 

They are changes that have placed the Duchess of Edinburgh in an even more central role in the family. And Sophie is more than ready for her close up.