The Edinburghs

How Edward and Sophie quietly moved to the heart of the modern Royal Family

The Royal Family has slowly evolved over the last decade. In the first year of King Charles III’s reign, we’ve seen the senior members of the Royal Family solidify their new roles, including The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh. Edward and Sophie’s position in the Royal Family has changed significantly since they married in 1999. Both had initially planned to continue working in the private…
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British Royals

The striking jewels that combine the stories of two royal families

It is a set of sapphires that brings together the histories of several royal dynasties and which made its mark again when a brand new queen wore it for a major event at the start of a new reign. The sapphires of the Royal Family have a fascinating tale to tell. Queen Camilla wore the Belgian Sapphire Tiara to the first State Banquet of the reign of King Charles III. Her Majesty chose it for the…
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The Swedish monarch and the Nobels

While each royal family has annual ceremonial events that they are known for, the Swedish Royal Family has a yearly event that is publicised around the globe. Each year, the Swedish Royal Family takes part in the Nobel Prize award ceremonies. The Nobel Award Prize…

The world's oldest reigning monarchy

While there are several monarchies that date back over one thousand years, there is one throne that dates back over two thousand years. The Japanese monarchy, also known as the Chrysanthemum Throne, was officially founded in 440 BCE. The Japanese monarchy is the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy in the world, and its official founding date is 11 February, 660 BCE. While the…
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The golden gown chosen by a queen empress for her crowning moment

While there is a traditional uniform for kings at their coronation, there is not for queens. This has allowed each queen to wear a gown specifically created for their coronation day. Queen Alexandra’s coronation dress remains one of the most sumptuous in British history. King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra’s coronation encountered some serious issues. Originally planned for the 26th…
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