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Book review: Diana Survivor

The last few months have seen the publication of many books and articles and airing of lots of TV shows about Diana, Princess of Wales who died twenty years ago this past August. These shows and articles usually examine Diana’s final days and explain what effect her death and funeral had on both her close family and the country in general. Diana Survivor is rather different to many of these…
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Princes William and Harry offer comfort to Grenfell tower fire survivors

Yesterday, Prince William and Prince Harry met with survivors of the horrific fire which happened at Grenfell Tower in June. 80 people were killed and a further 70 injured during the blaze in West-London. People were happy for members of the royal family to meet with them and for the chance to share their personal stories, with one man Omar Al Haj Ali exclaiming that people had been waiting for…
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Strange and insulting historical royal nicknames

The use of nicknames or epithets to describe a royal or a local ruler was quite common until recent times. Before pictures were easily accessed, or in places where the first name was repeatedly used for consecutive rulers, a nickname was a useful way to distinguish one person from another. Sometimes these names were chosen by the bearer themselves, sometimes they were gained through a courageous…
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Channel 4 to air Diana tapes despite complaints

Between 1992 and 1993, Diana, Princess of Wales was recorded in a series of tapes by Peter Settelen who was her voice coach. Channel 4 have used these clips in order to create a new documentary ‘Diana: in her own words’. Despite pleas from Earl Spencer, Diana’s…
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Prince Charles strikes new coin in father's honour

On Monday 11th July, The Prince of Wales made a visit to The Royal Mint Experience in Llantrisant in South Wales as part of his Welsh summer tour. The Royal Mint has been situated in the current location since 1968 and produces coins for around 60 countries per year. Prince Charles’s trip to the visitor’s centre of The Royal Mint was made in order to strike a special coin in honour of his…
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