The stories of Queen Victoria's granddaughters: Princess Victoria Melita of Edinburgh

Victoria Melita of Edinburgh with her eldest daughter, Elisabeth. Honey golden sun and the sweet smell of Mediterranean flowers – when the Ancient Greeks arrived in Malta they called it ‘honey sweet’ and the Romans used the same name for the island, Melita.  In the 19th century, this pretty and picturesque spot and the honey golden walls of its famous San Anton’s Palace was…
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The stories of Queen Victoria's granddaughters: Princess Charlotte of Prussia

On this day in 1860, Queen Victoria welcomed her first granddaughter. She was a young grandmamma, just 41 at the time, but the baby girl born in Berlin 155 yeas ago today was Victoria’s second grandchild. She was also the last of the second generation born in the lifetime of her grandpapa, Prince Albert. So far, so fairytale. But the life of Charlotte of Prussia was anything but a happy ever…
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The Queen

Buckingham Palace reacts to images showing The Queen as a child appearing to give Nazi salute

Buckingham Palace has said it is disappointed by the decision of The Sun newspaper to publish an image taken in 1933 of The Queen performing a Nazi salute under the gaze of her uncle, the man who later became Edward VIII. The image that appears on their front page this morning is taken from a 17 second video that the newspaper has also published. That footage shows the then Princess Elizabeth of…
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Is it time we made more of royal birthdays?

Looking at the images coming from Sweden on July 14th this year, two things struck me. Firstly, the second in line to the throne, Princess Estelle, has royal engagements wrapped up at the age of three. Secondly, doing a walkabout every year on a royal birthday is really…
The Sussexes

Prince Harry announces a second Invictus Games

Prince Harry has announced that the second Invictus Games will take place in Orlando, Florida in 2016. The news came in a video recorded last month by Harry and published today on the Kensington Palace Twitter account. The games will take place from May 8th to Mary 12th 2016 at the ESPN Wide World of Sport Complex. Prince Harry said in his video message ”I’d always hoped that last…
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