After exhibiting before Their Majesties: Mozart and the British Museum

By October 1764 the Mozarts had once more been at court, having been received at the Queen’s House in May as Leopold Mozart wrote ‘within 5 days of arriving’. The young Wolfgang played before George III and even accompanied Queen Charlotte, who sang an aria. In addition to this, the Mozart children gave public concerts. Leopold Mozart arranged for his children to be advertised in the…
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Hamilton and Royal Archives join forces to teach history lesson

The actor who plays George III in the hit music Hamilton has been invited into the Windsor Castle library to study documents on the King as academics aim to inspire others to educate themselves about the historical figure. The Queen recently launched a project to open the Royal Archives from the reign of George III. They are releasing letters, diaries, and speeches digitally to give the public a…
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Royal Connections: City of Portsmouth

Portsmouth comes from the Old English Portesm?ða, which translates to: “mouth of the harbour called Portus.” It was a city founded in the year 1180 by John of Gisors, a Norman lord. Before that, it was known to have been a Saxon fort called Portus Adurni in the Roman era and later, in Anglo-Saxon England, it became Portchester Castle. During the Norman Conquest of 1066, it is believed…
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Monarchy Rules: a look at King George III

Through the passage of time, every important historical figure is identified by the mundane or significant events of their lives. Unfortunately, some of these facts may unfairly portray them in an unkind light and obscure other interesting and overlooked details that shaped…
British Royals

Monarchy Rules: a look at Queen Victoria

“The important thing is not what they think of me, but what I think of them.” – Queen Victoria She is this country’s second longest-reigning Monarch, and she reigned over a grand industrial age for Britain as well as a British Empire that stretched…