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Dutch royals face allegations they benefitted from forced labour

Nineteen women are suing a Dutch monastery and its Catholic order over claims that they were subjected to forced labour and abuse by nuns between 1951 and 1979 for the benefit of the order or outside organisations, such as the Dutch Royal House. These women were kept as virtual prisoners as children or young adults. The Sisters of the Good Shepherd, which is active in 70 countries, are the…
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Philippe at 60: A Royal Childhood

Today, we’re looking at the early life of King Philippe. Born on 15 April 1960 to Prince Albert and Princess Paola of Liège, there was every chance that he would never ascend to the throne. His uncle, King Baudouin was on the throne at the time, and the married king was trying for an heir. It wasn’t until well after his childhood that it appeared that Prince Philippe may someday…
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Looking back at the christening of Prince Alexander of Sweden

On a sunny morning on the 9th of September 2016, the first child of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden was baptised in an intimate ceremony. The christening of Prince Alexander took place at the Royal Chapel of Drottningholm Palace. In this article, I will be sharing my memories of this beautiful day as I witnessed the baptism in person. On the 19th of April 2016, Princess Sofia…
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King Carl XVI Gustaf: "And though it might be hard, remember: You are not alone."

King Carl XVI Gustaf addressed Sweden this afternoon from Stenhammar Palace in Södermanland regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The King’s speech, “The King’s greeting to Sweden,” was aired on SVT1. He recorded the speech from Stenhammar Palace where he and Queen Silvia have been residing since the outbreak began in Sweden. He spoke about how he was delivering his…
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