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Man who simulated assassination of King Felipe of Spain is freed

Santiago Sánchez Ramírez, the 47-year-old man, who simulated several assassinations, including on King Felipe VI of Spain, has been cleared of all charges against him. The court decided that there was no actual intention of following through with the assassinations and so Santiago Sánchez Ramírez was freed last Tuesday. Santiago Sánchez Ramírez was obsessed with the weaknesses in the…
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King Felipe urged to demand human rights after arms deal with Saudi Arabia

King Felipe of Spain has been urged to demand human rights after€40 million arms deal between Spain and Saudi Arabia was pushed through. Saudi Arabia and Spain have long-standing trade agreement thanks in part to the good relationship King Juan Carlos and the Saudi Royal Family. This deal, which included the sale of 155mm artillery ammunition, had been delayed for six months over fears…
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Prince Daniel does the Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin challenge is taking over the internet. The challenge, which involves a group of people who stop in the middle of a movement, while a camera sweeps through the room. Prince Daniel of Sweden had now joined the trend. Last Wednesday afternoon during a meeting with Generation Pep Prince Daniel joined Carolina Klüft and Lina Axelsson Kihlblom. Prince Daniel can be seen holding his…
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A Son for Prince Félix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg

Princess Claire of Luxembourg has given birth to a son this morning at 3.59am. Her husband, Prince Félix was at her side during the birth. The new prince was born in the Beaulieu clinic in Geneva. Mother and child are both in good health. This is the second child for Prince Félix and Princess Claire. They also have a two-year-old daughter, Princess Amalia. Prince Félix of Luxembourg is the…
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