Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty's Message To USA: Newtown Shootings

Her Majesty The Queen offered her condolences to the United States Of America on Friday in response to the mass shooting at a school in Newtown, Connecticut in a special message to The President. To President Obama I have been deeply shocked and saddened to learn of the dreadful loss of life today in Newtown, Connecticut; particularly the news that so many of the dead are children. Prince Philip…
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Palaces & Buildings

How Buckingham Palace Came To Be

Buckingham Palace is well known for being the home of the British Monarch and some of his/her immediate family. But few know the history of this grand and sumptuous building; here is our guide to Buckingham Palace and its history. Buckingham Palace began life not as a Palace…
Queen Elizabeth II

A History Of The Queen's Christmas Message

No Christmas day would be complete without the Queen’s Message, broadcasted to the whole Commonwealth of Nations and which has become as traditional as the decorated fir and the filled stocking. Many times and from disparate soureces it has been underlined how the…
Prince & Princess of Wales

What Will Happen Now The Duchess Of Cambridge Is Pregnant?

So what happens now the Duchess Of Cambridge . St James’s Palace has recently announced that the Duke And Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child, see more at: https://royalcentral.co.uk/?p=384. The first phase, now an announcement has been made, is the most important for Royal watchers and that is ‘baby development’. Their Royal Highness’s office will make statements…
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British Royals

Christmas Festivities - Royals at Sandringham

Whilst the majority of us may be spending this Christmas dashing to the shops in a last minute bid for presents, trying desperately to prevent the tree from toppling over under the weight of tinsel and lights, and wondering how on earth you’ll fit all those family members…

Richard III's Corpse Found In Leicester Car Park After Months Of Excavation.

It has emerged today that the digging up of a Leicester car park has indeed been fruitful, a corpse (believed to be belonging to Richard III) has been found after extensive (and expensive) digging work begun a few months ago. Archaeologists believe that the bones belong to Richard III for two main reasons. Firstly, the corpse was found in the place where the last King to die in battle was said to…
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Top 5 Royal Oddities Of The British Monarchy

We thought we’d clear up some of the most fascinating Royal Oddities that occupy the British Monarchy. From numerals to titles, here’s your guide to the top 5 oddities of the British Monarchy! 1. The Sovereign Never Dies Even though individual monarchs…

Why Does The Queen Have Two Birthdays?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April 1926, but for some seemingly bizarre reason, her birthday is celebrated on the first Saturday of June. She has two birthdays!For as long as I’ve been involved with Royal Central, by far one of the most commonly…