Did the White Queen die of plague?

Her story is amongst the most controversial of all the Queens of England and now a new twist has appeared in the tale of Elizabeth Woodville. An expert at the National Archives in London has found a document suggesting that the consort who revolutionised royalty may have died of the plague. Euan Roger is a records specialist at the National Archives and while looking through 16th century…
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'Her Royal Majesty'; a new style for the Queen as President Trump's State Visit is confirmed

It’s not the title we’re used to seeing in front of Elizabeth II’s name. As the White House confirmed that President Donald Trump would make a State Visit to the UK, the statement announcing the trip said he would make it following an invitation from ‘Her Royal Majesty’ the Queen. The addition of an even more regal aspect to the Monarch’s title immediately drew comment with some…
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Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg: a life in pictures

Jean of Luxembourg, who ruled the tiny state for 36 years, died early this morning. He was 98. As his family say their final farewells to a much-loved member, Royal Central takes a look back at his extraordinary story. From heir to exile, soldier to hero, Grand Duke to patriarch, here are some of the moments that tell his life in pictures. Embed from Getty Images Jean was born on January 5th 1921…
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The Queen and Princess Eugenie at the Royal Maundy Service

The Queen has distributed Maundy money at a service at Windsor. The ceremony, which dates back centuries, took place this year at St. George’s Chapel with Princess Eugenie accompanying her grandmother for the day. Here are some of the best images of the Royal Maundy service for 2019. Embed from Getty Images British kings and queens have taken part in special ceremonies to mark Maundy…
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